Mark it. Read it.

FPE Automation has teamed up with Cognex and Panasonic.

Mark it. Read it. It's a concept that utilizes the very latest in cutting-edge technology. The parts are marked using Panasonic laser marking systems. They're read using machine vision systems and barcode readers by Cognex.

Mark it. Read it. FPE Automation, Cognex and Panasonic. 

FPE Automation offers sample part marking and proof-of-concept testing. We also host one of the most entertaining events in the industry. You never know what you might encounter during Mark It. Read It. day at FPE Automation. Here are just a few examples:

FPE Automation's Jomy gave an assist.

Cognex provided playing cards for the scanners to read.

FPE's Tom performed a magic trick.

Panasonic brought bottle openers, which we laser marked with each attendee's name.

FPE's Ed helped a customer with his actual application.

The software was demonstrated on screen.

The FPE Automation, Cognex and Panasonic team looked on while FPE Automation's Jomy playfully pointed a reader at FPE's Sandia.


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