FPE Automation’s Steve Kocmond is PHD Top Performer for Custom Wireforming Solution

FPE Automation’s Steve Kocmond was named a Top Performer this month by PHD Inc. for his work at a wireforming facility.



A local manufacturer needed a cylinder solution that would hold up in a rugged production environment. The non-rotating rod cylinder they were using previously was obsolete.

PHD had many available options. None were a direct drop-in functional replacement. So, Steve and the talented PHD applications team went to work designing a PHD custom-engineered solution that would meet all the criteria.

The result?

The customer was able to keep their equipment updated and maximize production uptime. The team also expressed a need to have this critical cylinder in stock to avoid any downtime. So FPE Automation and PHD Inc. worked with them so they can keep some on hand at all times.

Congratulations to Steve Kocmond, and thanks to PHD for the accolades!

Source: FPE Automation Blog

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