Landmark Win: FPE Automation secures prestigious Distributor of the Year Award from partner MAC Valves

Celebrating Excellence: MAC Valves Announces FPE Automation is Winner of Distributor of the Year Award for 2022

Breaking news: July 6, 2023, Wixom, Michigan

By Sandia Harrison, Director of Marketing, FPE Automation

MAC Valves announced today that FPE Automation is the recipient of their Distributor of the Year award for 2022. It is the company’s unprecedented fourth time receiving the coveted award.


We are incredibly thrilled and humbled to announce that FPE Automation has been honored with the Distributor of the Year award. It is with immense pride that we share this remarkable achievement with each and every one of you who has played an integral role in our success.

MAC Valves manufactures a superior, patented product in a class of its own. While that’s undoubtedly true, this particular success is, in no small part, a result of new and innovative ways to address manufacturing pain points and save costs using the latest technology. 

FPE Automation’s Joey Bardos, President, explains:

“Throughout the years, FPE Automation has continued to evolve, adapt and grow alongside MAC Valves and have had great success in doing so. We have constantly championed the technology that MAC has provided and have taken a leadership role since the inception of the MAC Distributor Network (MDN).”

MDN is a global organization of independent distributors and manufacturers with the common focus of customer service and support at any time, anywhere in the world. 

“David Bardos, CEO, was an integral part in the formation of the MDN. He and I continue to help lead and grow this best‐in‐class, irreplicable group,” Bardos continued.

“Our strong relationships with our customers and our long-tenured and loyal employees have allowed us to go out and present new innovations that are transformative to manufacturers and helpful to their bottom line. This win was truly built one purposeful conversation at a time.”

“They are strategic conversations that pool from our resources to determine the next action steps needed for success.”

“Our success in 2022 was not just a result of doing what we have always done. Adding specific technology specialists was a major kick‐start to rapid growth. Scott Massie, whose 20+ years of knowledge in the MDN and the pneumatics industry is second to none, has been instrumental in not only assisting in market share gains but mentoring a new wave of specialists and helping to instill the MAC DNA that FPE Automation embodies. Along with Scott, our entire management/ownership team understands that it takes a cohesive unit to identify and start projects and see them to the finish line. We meet weekly to go over major projects. Those meetings are not just a rehashing. Rather, they are strategic conversations that pool our resources to determine the next action steps needed for success.

The new growth we have been experiencing recently has come from our ability to capitalize on what we know and do well. We have long had success in industries such as transportation, food/beverage, and packaging. At the same time, we have found ways to go wider and deeper into streamlining operations utilizing the latest technology and newest innovations.

Still, the secret sauce lies in our people. It comes back to attitude and activity. We preach that these are the only two things you can control, and our entire team works hard, works together, works often, and goes about it in pursuit of success. We also have a great time doing it! We hope to continue that driving forward.”

The award was announced by Matthew Neff, President & COO, and Joseph Richardson, Vice‐President of Sales at MAC Valves, with their congratulations on what they called a “tremendous success”.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our success. Your support has been invaluable, and we look forward to celebrating this remarkable achievement together. This award is a reminder that together, we can accomplish great things.

Thank you for being part of it all. Wherever innovation takes us next, we look forward to the journey. 

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