3D Pick or Place & Part Identification with AI

Visual Guidance at FPE Automation

With visual guidance, random parts and images can be identified so that the part can be targeted. The applications are nearly infinite. It’s not an overstatement to say visual guidance the most eagerly-awaited technology since the invention of the collaborative robot, or cobot.

Here’s what we have to offer.

The introduction of two new partnerships:

Canon’s 3D Machine Vision System (RV-Series) is a high speed image recognition system designed to work with robot arms. Employing Canon proprietary digital imaging technologies, the RV1100/RV500/RV300 serves as the “eyes” of industrial robots. Through cutting-edge image-recognition, data-processing and optical technologies, the systems is capable of 3D recognition of production-line parts randomly assembled in a pile. It can even accurately recognize parts with complex shapes and parts with few distinguishing features.
Recognition Robotics
CortexRecognition®, RAIORobeye®, Lucana and 11 patents for visual guidance. Developed to mimic the human visual process, the software uses a unique algorithm that gives production robots the ability to view, recognize and locate pre-determined parts. In any situation where an object needs to be grabbed using a robotic arm, our software can be taught to see it, recognize it, then grab it every time – no matter the object’s position or orientation.

FPE Automation’s best-in-class lineup of products to work with this technology… and the industry’s top talent on our team to help you implement it. 

Universal Robots
The world’s #1 collaborative robot recently introduced their new eSeries.
Yamaha Robotics
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial SCARA, Cartesian, Pick & Place and Single-Axis robots.
An industry leader of plug + play adaptive grippers made for collaborative robots.
End-of-arm tooling for collaborative robots, including grippers and hex force torque sensors.
Small, powerful and flexible, Piab‘s Kenos® KCS vacuum gripper, and their UR-certified piCOBOT can handle just about anything, anywhere, even difficult-to-grip parts.
Featuring a wide variety of Robosuits® to protect your cobot in harsh environments. RoboWorld‘s Pendant Armor products are durable cases for teach pendants.

Product Videos:

Recognition Robotics put it very well when they called the emerging visual guidance industry “category-shifting“.  The technology is truly revolutionary. These videos will quickly bring you up to speed with what’s happening in the industry. They’re worth a minute or two of viewing time. Check them out!




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