As businesses struggle with labor shortages and supply chain constraints: What is the FPE Automation advantage?

Why trust FPE as your industrial automation partner?

“Don’t automate to survive.
Automate to thrive.”

Trust FPE Automation.
Here’s why. 


Have you found that virtually everyone in our industry has a tendency to talk up their technical expertise? This is for a few reasons. First and foremost, automation demands it. Solutions need to be effective and precise. Accomplishing that takes a great deal of technical prowess. You can’t afford to place your trust in a partner who will not come through for you. There is too much at stake.  

However, if you have ever started to dig deeper into some of the companies out there peddling solutions like these, sadly, you may have discovered thin market coverage & job vacancies, inexperienced employees, too-heavy reliance on partner support, and not enough in-house expertise. Industry is changing. Too often nowadays, there are too many questions… and too few answers. 

Not at FPE Automation. We have an entire team of expert engineers ready to assist you. Companies that can say the same are few and far between. 

We like to say we “live and work in the community we serve”. The best part about this outstanding team? They’re local to you, and have the ability to stop by and help.


Supply chain headaches are nothing new, and today’s manufacturing landscape is more difficult than ever to navigate. 

While FPE Automation can’t singlehandedly solve a global problem, we can tell you that we have been a stocking distributor since 1963. SCARA, 6-axis and Collaborative Robots are in stock and ready to ship at FPE Automation today. This alone sets us apart from the


Friendly, Helpful Staff

Even with recent growth and the addition of several new team members, FPE Automation is able to boast an incredible average of 11.4 years on the job. We have a whopping 25 individuals who have been employed at FPE for 10 or more years! Our team makes FPE Automation a great place to work. Our low turnover means you’re not a stranger. Our people can get to know your people… and your business. 

Flexible programs designed for you

At FPE Automation, we recognize that a cookie-cutter approach to automation is usually a recipe for failure. No two companies are alike. We discovered long ago that a true partnership means leveraging your strengths, as well as ours. Take a look at our Handshake Solutions concept. Put simply, it places the options in your hands. 

Why is this a successful, growing area of our business? Simply put, it is what you require to get automation projects successfully off the ground. What is it? Our goal is for Handshake Solutions to be exactly what you need it to be, no more and no less. For the latest, catch what’s trending at:  #fpehandshakesolutions


World-class products

It may go without saying, but this write-up wouldn’t be complete without the highest accolades to the manufacturers that we call valued partners. All the expertise in the world won’t matter if products are sub-standard and fail. FPE Automation is proud to have established award-winning, long-term partnerships with brands you trust.


Award-winning performance

Let’s face it: in engineered applications, sales-y talk is cheap. Success is entirely based on measurable results. We know this. Our customers know it too, and so do our supplier partners. 

In our industry, awards are given only for real accomplishments. We have received virtually all of our industry’s top awards, some of them multiple times. While a trophy or plaque might not be important, everything it symbolizes certainly is. 


We’re local in our roots. Our friends and family live, work, shop, and go to school in the area. FPE Automation understands the importance of giving back. We have ongoing programs to help foster engineering talent in our region. Our outreach is mainly focused on students. We also work with veterans, local villages and towns, and several non-for-profit organizations committed to education, Federal grants, funding, and jobs in the region. Follow #fpegivesback for more. 


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