Independent energy audit recommends MAC Pulse Valves and FPE Automation wins Distributor of the Month

Congratulations to FPE Automation’s Art Gesell – MAC Valves Distributor of the Month award winner!

This story begins with an independent contractor who was hired to do an energy audit for a large, local plant. The contractor was familiar with MAC pulse valves, and their reputation for energy savings and efficiency.

Art Gesell has been working with engineers at this particular plant, a large manufacturer of glass bottles, for quite some time on other projects.

As part of the energy audit, the contractor asked Art to present MAC pulse valve technology. Art did a demo using the MAC pulse valve animation and pulse valve demo case for the group. They were impressed with the technology.

“The contractor was familiar with MAC pulse valves, and their reputation for energy savings and efficiency.”

The contractor works often with the local energy company in Illinois on energy-saving projects. If a certain amount of energy can be saved, the energy utility will reimburse the cost of the components. That had a big impact on the ROI of the project to the customer.

After initiating a plan with the customer, Art and FPE Automation’s Scott Massie (FPE MAC Valve Specialist) installed the first nine PV03 valves. After they ran for a few months, the customer was so impressed with the cleaning pulse, lack of maintenance issues, and no leakage, that they decided to change over the entire batch house, where the extremely fine glass powder is very tough on diaphragms and filters.

The next step was to come in and audit this area of the plant. Justin Yochem (MAC Project Engineer) joined Art and Scott on the audit. They are replacing 74 additional valves in the batch house. Later, the group was then informed that there are another 83 pulse valves in the mold shop and machine repair area that they would like to swap out.

MAC pulse valves: efficiency and savings that speaks for itself.

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