FPE Automation is a QC Conveyors Platinum Distributor

FPE Achieves Platinum Distributor Status with QC Conveyors

ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS – FPE Automation’s Scott Massie met up with QC Conveyors’ Stacey Stowell today to accept an award for achieving platinum distributor status.

FPE Automation and QC Conveyors have been successful partners for more than a decade. Our teams have collaborated on thousands of applications, of all sizes and types. Scott Massie (left) is FPE Automation’s Sales Manager, and a product expert. Stacey Stowell (right) is a Senior Channel Sales Manager at QC Conveyors. Two of the most dedicated (and busiest) people in the business! 
Let’s talk conveyors for a moment. Often, when implementing high-end automation, a great deal of focus goes into the type of robot or cameras needed. Unfortunately, some engineers have learned the hard way – don’t forget to carefully select the right conveyor!
Conveyor technology is far more intricate than most people realize. Your conveyor has to be at least as precise and reliable as any component in your vision system or robotic application – maybe more. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the results you expect. It also needs to be just the right model. Taking all of this into consideration is how QC Conveyors became an industry leader. 
Not only do they have an impressive array of innovative, reliable conveyors for industrial, food and beverage, and packaging applications. QC Conveyors, based in the Midwest, offers belt conveyors, plastic chain conveyors, gripper, elevator and sanitary conveyors. 
Just as importantly, their online Configurator tools help you select just the right one to fit your needs. If you still need help, their support team is one of the best in the business. 
All of us at FPE Automation are truly honored to accept this award. We know that an exceptional conveyor speaks for itself. So, our gratitude is two-fold. We’d like to thank the entire FPE Automation team for their high confidence in QC Conveyors, and for everyone’s individual contribution to this success. At the same time, we’d like to thank QC Conveyors for manufacturing a product so superior that our customers ask for it by name. Without that, this achievement wouldn’t have been possible.


Source: FPE Automation Blog

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