FPE Automation Takes Part in Collaborative Robot Event at Southwestern Illinois College

Granite City, IL

Southwestern Illinois College Hosts a Successful Automation Event with FPE Automation

The latest collaborative robot (cobot) technology, including machine vision, was on display yesterday at the Collaborative Robotics Automation Conference at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC). By all accounts, the event was a big success! 

FPE Automation brought a live, working demo of ActiNav cobot bin picking and next-generation machine loading technology by Universal Robots

Melton Machine and Control Company and Computech Manufacturing, both Washington, Missouri-based companies, also participated in the event. Both brought cobot welding displays to the event. Melton’s turnkey solution, CoboWeld MIG automates MIG welding, and Computech’s CoboWeld TIG automates TIG welding. Both are easy to use, weld consistently, and eliminate production bottlenecks. Little to no PC or robot experience is needed, and the robot can be welding within a few minutes.

One attendee brought their own part with them, which they were able to weld on the spot. 

As a whole, the event was designed to help companies in our community automate. Labor shortages continue to be a major challenge in our region. Because we live and work here, we’re invested in the future of Midwest manufacturing. Bridging the gap between students and companies has never been more crucial. Introducing both to the technology of the future will help our region thrive for a generation to come. 

For businesses, it’s all about finding the right process strategy. The goal of the conference was to help companies become more efficient by leveraging the many benefits of automation. They can increase productivity, solve labor challenges, reduce margin of error and make their place of business safer, all by implementing cobots.

For college students, being well-prepared to work in automation means they are embarking on what will be a rewarding, and very much in-demand career. 

Speakers from IMEC and SWIC provided valuable information about how both students and businesses can remain competitive in a changing economic landscape, by understanding and utilizing automation in a way that works for them. 

The overall message was such an important one, and the response of those who attended was so overwhelmingly positive. 

FPE Automation would like to thank SWIC for inviting us to be part of this important event. We value the relationships that we have with our local educational institutions to help educate and shape our current and future workforce.


Source: FPE Automation Blog
Author: Sandia Harrison

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