FPE Automation Wins Award for #1 PHD Top Performer August 2019 – Congratulations to Steve Moore!

Congratulations to FPE Automation‘s Steve Moore! 
Steve took the top spot on PHD Inc‘s Top Performers list in August for an application at a metal stamping plant. Steve worked with the company’s production team to present clamps and slides that would handle the 24/7 rugged progressive die stamping environment. Delivery was paramount. Although both the clamp and slide shipping times were in the acceptable range for their build timeline, Steve worked with their applications engineering team to reconfigure the clamps to have switches so they could ship even sooner. 

Clamps and slides alone don’t make an impact. They don’t win awards on their own. 

Solutions do. 

Effective implementation of these products can make your plant run better. They can make you more productive, more reliable and they can make your products better. Trust FPE Automation and the experts at PHD Inc. to assist you in implementing effective solutions for your business.

Also a winner in August – FPE Automation‘s Joe Judge appeared on the Top Performers list for his PHD Unique Solutions application in the packaging industry. 

Source: FPE Automation Blog

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