Lowering the Bar to Reap Automation Benefits: With Epson RC+, No Programming is Required

The right automation means increased production quality, accuracy, speed, and so much more. With no-code, icon-driven programming, anyone can program an Epson SCARA robot. The time has never been better to check it out. 

Jake Hall, aka #TheManufacturingMillennial put together this video highlighting how RC+ Express from Epson is eliminating a learning curve. This puts automation within reach of countless more manufacturers around the country and around the world. As a result, more manufacturers will benefit from the world’s most popular SCARA robot. Here are some reasons why you should! 

Jake Hall reports: 

Last year the annual % .. and for the second year in a row, – the automotive sector. As robots become more highly sought after by smaller manufacturers, we need to find solutions that reduce the risk of integration.

A solution from Epson Robots called + helps machine builders, integrators, and end-users integrate robots at a very low learning curve by having a No-Code, easy-to-use teaching environment. 

+ is a free download virtual software that uses block-style programming with premade templates and a built-in 3D simulator for visualizing. 

With over 20 different robot models to choose from and the ability to set up a robot program in minutes, this can help get first-time robot users and also veterans in the industry up and running quickly.

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