PHD Releases New GRM0 Series Workholding Clamps

Introducing GMR0 workholding clamps. These compact and lightweight clamps provide the highest force in the industry for a clamp this size.

The new GMR0 series workholding clamps are an addition to the industry standard GRM family of sheet metal handling clamps from PHD.

The larger PHD Series GRM Clamps have a proven reputation for delivering best-in-class performance. GMR0 workholding clamps were designed utilizing similar principles, so you’ll get the same, superior results. The simplified design provides fast field maintenance. Hardened impact plates ensure long life and durability.

These clamps are compact and lightweight while providing the industry’s highest clamp force for their size. At 0.54 lb [0.24 kg] in weight (without tips) they deliver an impressive 135 lb [600 N] of total clamp force.

The clamp jaws lock in the closed position, so they will hold on to the part even if air pressure is lost due to line rupture or power loss.

They are available in two jaw styles for application flexibility; Standard (S) and Flange (F).

These clamps are ideal for robotic crossbar transfer press applications. They are a superior alternative to vacuum cups and magnetic grippers due to their ruggedness, elimination of part slippage, and part retention in the event of air pressure loss.

Use the GMR0 series workholding clamp wherever size and weight are critical.


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GMR0 series workholding clamps, and all PHD products, are available at FPE Automation.


All PHD Inc. products are available at FPE Automation



Source: FPE Automation Blog

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